Forever Snowboard

Who We Are

Twenty years ago, Oliver and Massimo got to know each other through snowboarding. For a decade, they travelled the world while competing, filming, and experiencing it as professional snowboarders. The glory days in the industry eventually ended, but their passion for snowboarding remained the same.

Over the years, they have continued to ride and travel together, but just for fun. Now, they invite you to join the journey. And to Forever Snowboard.

Oliver Mondino

a.k.a. Olly from Cuneo, rides since 1995.

He started off as a freestyler doing rail contests all over Europe and America, then got hooked to the soft stuff after buying his first snowmobile in 2006. Now, all these years after he left the pro scene, he’s still dedicating most of his winters searching for the best pow conditions with his crew, the Lemon8s.

His first time in Japan was in 2015 and after witnessing the quantity and quality of the snow, he swore to himself he’ll be back every year. Last January this year was his seventh visit.

He got familiar with British Colombia too and fell in love with its immense resorts, covering immense terrain out on snowmobiles and cat skiing. It’s now been three consecutive years visiting and he’s ready to bring you guys to some of the best cliffs, drops and couloirs out there and in the deep.


Oliver Mondino Olly Forever Snowboard

Massimo Ferro

a.k.a. Bubba, is from Aosta Valley and has been riding since 1992.

Snowboarding always played a central role in his life, making it more than just a sport, essentially dedicating most of his time to it. He also went from halfpipe and slopestyle contests, to shooting backcountry kickers for magazines.

His passion never changed, but his desires and preferences did. It’s back to the origins for him, the beauty of a simple powder turn is essentially what it’s all about.


Massimo Ferro Bubba Forever Snowboard

Why Forever Snowboard?

Forever Snowboard was born to satisfy the needs of people that aren’t looking for a normal planned trip. People that don’t wanna waste time with groups that don’t match their skill level or meet their demands.

We are very experienced guides and will get your fix if not surpass it and challenge you to the next level. We’re driven by passion and you’ll feel our enthusiasm as this is what we live by day by day.

We take having fun in pow very seriously, 30 years and counting.

Less is More!

We put smaller groups together to get the most bang for your buck, of course. With groups of about five riders per guide, you’ll feel like you’re exploring new spots with a couple buddies.

Compact squads are more efficient, move quicker and are lighter on the snow pack, this enhances the overall experience, and eliminates confusion.

Flexible Itineraries.

We leave our next moves open for changes even up to the last minute based on the weather forecast. This gives us the chance of choosing the best possible locations.

After all, it’s your vacation and we want you to have a good time and ensure the best possible outcome.

Unbeatable pre-trip Assistance.

After booking your trip, you’ll get an email with all the necessary info of your tour, time schedules, our locations, tips on packing your bags and everything you’ll need to know to be ready and avoid being over-equipped. We’ll assist you on every step of the way until go time.

You’re booking with a Tour Operator with 15 years of experience!

The travel industry is moving at a rapid pace, so it’s good to know you’re in good hands. Forever Snowboard operates under the certified and well known sports travel agency, Aosta Valley Freeride, LLC.

From administrative assistance, customer care, bookings, before and after tour agreements. Once you book with us you can leave all doubts aside and enjoy a smooth process.

Being a tour operator, we can book any services you need and put it into your bundle.

Skill level required

In order to guarantee that this trip will be a pleasant experience and so your expectations will be met, we try to form groups of riders with similar technical abilities.

We offer separate trips with different levels so don’t worry just choose the one that fits the best, or ask us. The beginning of the season camps are a great way to make sure you’re not getting into something that’s over your head.

We also offer coaching with private lessons or small groups to set you up perfectly for your adventure in Japan. Here are the three levels of our separate tours.


If you usually stick to the pistes and don’t have much powder experience. If you get less than 10 powder days in backcountry terrain. Note that off the side of the groomed pistes doesn’t count as backcountry experience. If you’re not comfortable in deep snow, on slopes steeper than 30°, or if you get out of breath after one powder run.

If you pack a backcountry safety kit; Beacon (A.V.D.), Shovel & probe, but you don’t know how to properly use it.


If you got the fitness and skill level to ride many consecutive powder days, hiking up on a split-board, even in difficult conditions like deep powder snow with poor visibility. You can orientate well in the backcountry and know how to read the terrain without stepping over your limits.

You know how to use your safety equipment but you wanna learn how to use it faster and more efficiently.


You’re a high level rider and on these trips we expect you to be able to ride comfortably in any type of snow and weather conditions, day in and day out. You’re either an ex-pro, a snowboard instructor or just a passionate and confident rider with more than 10 years of powder experience.

You got your gear in check and know what to do when lives are on the line.


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